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The Perished Riders MC

Book 5

Nicola Jane

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There was only ever one woman for me, but I was forced to leave her behind when we were just kids.

Years later, my past collides with my present, and it leads me right back to her. But a long time has passed, and she’s had years of her father breathing poison in her ear.

But I won’t give up. After all, my birth name, Malachi, means ‘prophet, messenger of God,’ and I have a message to deliver, but it’s not from the good Lord above.

Astraea is mine, and I’m coming for her.


I remember him as a scrawny, messy-haired boy. Now, he’s a fully grown, beast of a man with arms strong enough to save me from my hell.

But leaving everything I’ve ever known is scarier than he thinks.

As the namesake of Astraea, the virgin goddess, I was raised to believe they need me to bring justice, innocence and purity. They need me.

But Dice comes for me, convincing me there’s more to this life than what they’ve taught me.

Just when I’m starting to see the world through his eyes, they find me.

Dice was right, but now it’s too late.

I belong to The Circle, and they’re not letting me go without a fight.

*This story contains triggers involving a religious cult.

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