Eternally Entwined

The ruins of an ancient Celtic village. A brooding Medieval keep with a malevolent history. What happened here to give this beautiful countryside such an evil reputation?

Rural Ireland, Modern Day. Elena Rutherford is an Ancient Celtic culture phenom. Instead of looking forward to a summer in the Irish countryside with her research partner and fiancé, she’s dreading it – their relationship is over. And whether he is real or not, a druid has invaded her dreams – and her bed!

Hibernia, Time Unknown. Balinor is a druidic healer in Ancient Ireland whose homeland has been invaded by a legion of Romans. And if the Roman commander dies of the plague they brought, his sadistic second in command will slaughter his people!

A fall through time in the Irish countryside leads Elena back in time to her dream lover. But how can she help her true love save his people from the Roman Plague?

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