The Beyond Human Series by Michelle Schad

The Beyond Human Seriesby Michelle SchadHadi, a troubled, Muslim-immigrant superhero who can manipulate fire.As a mysterious rash of fires break out around the city of Chicago, Hadi comes under suspicion of the AEC (the Agency for Evolved Control or those that keep the "evolved" hidden) and slaps him at the top of their most-wanted list.Never a … Continue reading The Beyond Human Series by Michelle Schad

Beth A. Freely, author of Beyond the Steps of Stone

Interview with Beth A. Freely Blurb for Beyond The Steps Of Stone: One Army Colonel. One alien leader. One prophecy. The fate of Earth is in their hands. Can they come together in enough time to save it before an old enemy arrives? Army Ranger Colonel Morgan Langtree has awoken from cryogenic stasis to discover … Continue reading Beth A. Freely, author of Beyond the Steps of Stone

A Hunters Desire by Patricia Bates

One of my favorite contemporary, small town romances I’ve written. Loved Rebel and Gideon 🙂

Small Town Romance Authors

Gideon adjusted his sunglasses and glanced around, hoping to see a road sign to let him know how far it was back to town. His early drive had ended with him getting turned around, and now he was on some back road with no clue where in the hell he was. Spotting a driveway, he hit the turn signal and pulled in. The gravel driveway wound its way through huge oak trees until it wrapped back around on itself, winding through the trees in front of a massive two-story Georgian mansion.

He eyed the old mansion sitting amongst the trees, the windows dark, foreboding. Vines covered the stone columns, creeping partway up the side of the house. A rocking chair sat beneath the windows on the left, in gentle motion as if someone had just gotten out of it. Running along the ground, in front of the porch, was an…

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